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November - In Tel Aviv again PDF Stampa E-mail
Scritto da Mik   
Monday, 24 November 2008

Sat 15 morning (5o'clock). Landed in Ben Gurion airport, luggage was lost in Athens where I took connection flight (damn!). My plans to spend the whole day at the beach crashed since I have only cell phones, cigarettes, PCs, some money and corporate suit on... so I tan on the hotel balcony, take some time around, in the new port area and get some infos to go to Jerusalem and Palestine the next day. Baggage is supposed to arrive on Sunday morning, I am suppposed to go out at nite, so I think I'll go to airport straight from the club..
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Sun morning (too early!). Baggage was recovered, went back from the airport to hotel and left for Jerusalem. Going there there's a huge forrest (pic) on the Judean Hills where 5 millions trees were planted to remember holocaust victims, one for each tree. It's absolutely shocking, furthermore considering that looking to the other side of the road there's a desertic area..

Soldiers in Jerusalem

The Wailing Wall

Prayers and thoughts left in the Wailing Wall

A view of Jerusalem

Soldiers relaxing in Jerusalem  

  The wall separating Israel from Palestine

  The wall seen from Palestinian side




Curch on the Nativity, Bethlehem

 A Yasser Arafat portrait

Back in Tel Aviv. Beach view from my room balcony

Dinner out with some of VeriFone staff

VeriFone headquarters

  A dive in the sea early in the morning (7o'clock) before going to the office

  Tel Aviv sea



  Last day meeting

Last nite dinner


  On the plane, headed to London

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