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Saturday, 09 January 2010
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Day.0 - My Round The World Plan

My Round The World Adventure


Jaipur.How to make a carpet (slow)

Jaipur.How to make a carpet (normal speed)

India.Day.1.Around New Dehli with tuc tuc

Around New Dehli with car

Indian 'highway' connecting New Delhi to Jaipur

Near Jaipur

Around Jaipur by bike


Monkeys in Jaipur Market

A man cleaning elephant shit

On a tuc tuc in Agra

On a nite tuc tuc in Agra

Arriving in Agra


Monkeys scratching.I love monkeys!

Agra.Me pretending to steal a tuc tuc

Agra.Me driving a tuc tuc

Agra Station

Agra Station 2

Day.4.Agra to Varanasi

Train from Agra to Varanasi

On a train to Varanasi.Open Doors

Arrivo alla stazione di Varanasi

Varanasi streets

.Varanasi traffic

A market in Varanasi

On Varanasi ghat

Burning bodies in Varanasi

On Ganga river

Varanasi Streets 2


In Varanasi station,where I spent 8+ hrs waiting for a train

Monkey on rails in Varanasi station.I love monkeys!!

Posing for a group shoot of unknown people.....

Varanasi streets

Varanasi streets 2

On the train

On a train to Delhi

Arrival in Delhi


L'arrivo alla stazione di Delhi, dopo 15 ore di treno e 8 ore di attesa
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